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AdelaRose profile: As you already notice on my name, I am a delicate rose…a rosebud still, but as long as I get to know people, I will blossom and become the beautiful flower everyone love.

AdelaRose likes, I can’t say that is one specific thing that I like most, because I love many things. I love being treated like a princess, I love being surrounded by ********* and smart men of course, I love to let people discover me petal by petal, ‘cause dear…you have

AdelaRose dislike, I can say that the one thing I dislike most is rudeness. I treat people the same way they treatme. you like to be treated disrespectfully, which I don’t think so. Treat me like a lady and I can assure you that you will come back for the next petal.

AdelaRose is 28 years old, with a average frame, black hair brown eye AdelaRose performer in girl category speaking english.

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